If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything.


Audio Factory Media was founded in 1987 as a music production company for media. During the years of work and prosperity, the company grew up to a staff of 35 in the main offices in Hamburg and, several departments where established, as follows: music production, publishing, administration, artist development, licensing, music reasearch and manufacturing/distribution.
Along with these departments, we also started professional music exploitation, public relations and merchandizing. Also, our inhouse legal department has been taking care of all necessary activities in case of legal actions and, final control of both all accountings and collecting societies. Last but not least, an external company represents our own press/media work.
The Audio Factory team consists of motivated, forward oriented music lovers. All are real professionals in both their business education and team orientation.
Our goal is not to grow to a maximum of immobility, but to stay successful, innovative and fast.
Nowadays, in our opinion, a forward looking music company has to be ready to change their perspective in terms of how music finds its way to the consumer. Staying open to new ideas and fascinations, with a solid fundament of knowledge, experience and financial background is what we cultivate and stand to.

A. Pitching for licensing (masters sync; publishing; sub publishing)


1. Embedding artists in our web shop and listening sessions so clients and potential licensors get to know the artist and his music.

2. Email promotion of artists/music styles through our regularily spread out email newsletter to key people in the media bizz (Advertising, TV, Film, Manufacturers). This email is beeing sent out every WEEK to approx 1,400+ key deciders.

3. Selecting music for our audio CD/DVD information mail promotion send out. This happens every 2-3 months and goes out to approx 250+ key persons.

4. Considering the artists music when consulting our clients for projects in progress and offering selected songs.

B. Administrative / Collecting Work


1. Setting up a professional basis by checking back the song material with collecting societies catalogues. If necessary, putting everyting in order to make sure both past and future collection is effected properly.

2. With help of our partners, putting together a complete catalogue list of material which already has been used in media/TV/Radio etc in order to pass this on the the collecting societies for proper payments, in the corresponding format, to ensure highest possible backflow of royalties.

3. Monitoring media to control and take note of where our music are beeing played in media (active period).

4. Claiming collections back for past 3 years with societies and, if necessary, with third parties (in case of unlicensed usage).

C. Music Production


We did not loose the connection to our company roots. Music production is still a matter of fact at the Audio Factory.

Music demos for commercials using state of the art equipment; final productions of all kinds of musical styles, from Gipsy live music or Hard Rock with original set up or, if it's needed, produce a 180 instrument classical orchestra at i.e. Air Studios in London, for the latest James Bond movie. Or would you prefer Moscow? There are no obstacles or borders to reach the necessary result.

We love both to work and to be in creative exchange with our artists. This is one of the secrets of our success.

Be part of it.


If you

  • are an artist with some good music;
  • are a band with an authentic sound;
  • own a music label with a concept;
  • have the impression your rights could be represented in a much more successful way in Germany, Austria and Switzerland;
  • have a band with an authentic sound;
  • control a music catalogue you stand to;


Then, we invite you to get in touch with us.