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WSR 416

Blues - Blue Funk Friday

Funky Blues Music with a Hint of Playful Celebration

WSR 417

Easy Listening - Play Today and Work Tomorrow
Carefree and Summery Vacation Themes for Ukulele, Piano, Keyboards and Bass

WSR 418

Holidays & Christmas - Piano Jazz for Christmas
Charming Piano Jazz Combo of Traditional Christmas Classics

WSR 419

Sports - Muscle City
Explosive Sports Rock for Competition, Determination and Winning

WSR 420

Dance & Club - Hypnotic Ripples
Moody and Serious Dance and Trance to Heighten Suspense

WSR 421

Drama & Film Scores - Suspended Animation
Dramatic Tension, Suspense and an Overwhelming Sense of Danger

WSR 422

Country - Living the Country Life
Country Ballads, Road Trips and Barn Dances

WSR 423

Period Jazz - 1920s Swing and Dance
Music for the Wisecracking Spirit of the Modern 1920s Flapper

WSR 424

World Fusion - Eastern Trajectory
Asian Fusion Influences and Traditional Instruments Mixed with Western Beats and Dramatic Situations

WSR 425

Extreme Sports - Extreme Swagger
Where the Rock and the Hard Place Meet to Battle It Out on the Field of Play